G'day, I'm Terri, a proud mum from Wollongong, NSW. My fishing addiction truly kicked off when I moved to Mackay, North QLD, back in '09, where I crossed paths with my fiancé, Ray. Our shared love for fishing got us hooked, starting with shore fishing around Mackay. Things escalated when we got our first boat, 'The Little Oar,' a 2009 4.2m Stacer Seahorse – a weapon of a vessel still going strong after a rebuild in '16.

From the banks to the creeks, our Little Oar unlocked new waters. In ’18, we cranked things up with a road trip to ‘The Tip,’ an adventure like no other crocs, proposals, and a memorable breakdown in the middle of no where for 6+hrs. Fast forward, and we received exciting news – the soon arrival of our daughter, Indyanna. The upgrade to ‘The Dirty Oar’ coincided with this chapter of our family fishing tale.

Amidst the highs, 2021 threw us a curveball – a skin cancer diagnosis for me (Terri). Two surgeries later, with a newborn in tow and hubby lending his support, we weathered the storm. This challenge inspired a vision – a business that blends our love for fishing and the outdoors with a purpose, supporting those battling cancer.

Enter our fishing and outdoor apparel venture – not just threads, but a movement with a cause. We’re not just selling gear; we’re on a mission. A chunk of our sales heads to Skin Cancer Australia, backing those facing similar battles. So, join us, slip into our sun-safe gear, and let’s make waves together. Your support safeguards you and fuels a cause close to our Aussie hearts.

Cheers to making a difference, one cast at a time!